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Bedmate sleeping ? 💤

Read your voice message.

WhatsApp speech-to-text AI assistant 💬

You send. It transcribes. You read ⏱️

Your content is erased after 30 min 🧹

Powered by OpenAI's technology, creators of ChatGPT ⚡️


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The AI WhatsApp assistant 🎙️

  1. 1

    You forward 💬

    No other app needed. WhisperBot is working directly on WhatsApp, you just have to forward your voice and it'll do the rest !

  2. 2

    We transcribe 🤖

    WhisperBot transcribes your message using AI. It's technology is from OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT ⚡️

  3. 3

    You read 👀

    It'll text you back the content of the voice message almost instantly, and voilà ! No more looking for your AirPods.

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    We give you AI powers ⚡️

    Long voice message? Ask WhisperBot to provide you the keys take-aways of the transcriptions 🫶

Discover the WhisperBot magic ✨

🔒 Security

WhisperBot leverages WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption for your voice messages. Plus, once the transcription is sent to you, all the related content is erased : both the voice message and its transcription are deleted from the database.

🌍 Multilingual

Whatever language you speak, WhisperBot got you covered : it's powered by OpenAI technology and understand more than 57 languages.

🎯 Accuracy

From the bus, a parade, or with children around ? Our AI-powered transcription provides high accuracy, ensuring you understand at least 95% of the voice message.

⚡️ Speed

One thing is certain : it'll be quicker than getting your Airpods out. WhisperBot works almost instantly to make sure you have the information when you need it. Time is precious ⏰

What people say 👀

Hey there! I'm Maël 🇫🇷, the developper behind WhisperBot. Loads of people send voice messages. For me, 7 times out of 10, I'm in a situation where I can't listen to it directly : people around, no Airpods on, just too focused on my work to listen to a voice, ... So many reasons can lead to that. How many times dit that happen to you ? That's why I decided to develop WhisperBot, and challenged myself with a 7-day challenge to [...] read more
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Founder of whisperize.me

Unlock AI's power ⚡️

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