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Maël H.

Solo Founder of whisperize.me
Hey there! I'm Maël, the developper behind WhisperBot. Loads of people send voice messages. For me, 7 times out of 10, I'm in a situation where I can't listen to it directly : people around, no Airpods on, just too focused on my work to listen to a voice ... So many reasons can lead to that. How many times dit that happen to you ? 👀
That's why I decided to develop WhisperBot, and challenged myself with a 7-day challenge to create a product that could simplify WhatsApp communications for everyone. Well, it took actually 10 days, as I spent more time than expected on some parts and was travelling (moved from Koh Samui 🇹🇭, to Bali 🇮🇩, spending few days in Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 on the way)
I believe that transparency and authenticity are the keys to building trust, which is why I've chosen to #buildinpublic. I regularly share updates on the development process, challenges I face, and successes I achieve on my personal Twitter account (@maelus_). If you're curious about my journey, want to exchange ideas, or just love tech as much as I do, feel free to follow me and join the conversation. 🫶
With WhisperBot, my mission is to empower you with a tool that streamlines communication and makes voice message transcription as seamless as possible. First step is transcription. Some other features are coming up ⚙️.
If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always eager to learn & grow - let's use collective intelligence's power to make WhisperBot the best it can be for you.
Hope you'll enjoy WhisperBot's use 🚀